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Quirky and delightful!

Linzie Hunter is a freelance illustrator and lettering artist based in London. When she’s not hand lettering she’s making handmade books and doing print making… sounds like me… only she’s amazing! Have a look at her delightful site and eat your heart out! Oh to be young again!

hand lettering god!

It seems like Darren Booth is everywhere… and why not. His work is fresh, beautiful and innovative! I just LOVE his work… he is definitely my favorite hand letterer today! And an inspiration to all who admire this skill!!!

hand letting on my mind

I was so excited today to get my new books from Amazon! All about type and hand lettering. I am committed to spending more time practicing an art that I used to be quite skilled at. In fact my first ever paid project was for hand lettering… menu, invitation, RSVP cards etc, for a wedding… way back in the day! Also included here is a little doodle I did… more posts to come on some of my favorite hand lettering artists!

Oh Molly!

UniqueLA continues to inspire me as a designer/illustrator/printmaker. I am inspired creatively, but mostly by the passion exhibited by the vendors who continue to surprise and develop their outstanding line-ups of products. This year I found a new favorite and wanted to present her work to you. MollyMDesigns.

Everything was beautiful and extremely well crafted and presented. I had a very difficult time controlling myself, and ended up purchasing the set of coasters shown here. I am in love with them. The colors are rich and the felt is thick and luscious… perfect for my living room which combines colors from this palette. None of the photos on Molly’s site really express the warmth or delicacy of her products. Her creations are exquisite. The materials are excellent quality and you feel this need to touch everything she makes. Need to buy yourself something special… visit her site!

On to the good stuff

Honestly, some days I think there is just too much fabulous stuff out there. Used to be, you had to look really hard to find beautiful stuff. You had to know when and where to look. Now everyday it fab this and fab that and quite honestly I am getting bored! So I took off last weekend and went to one of my secret places… Mike calls me “Nancy of the secret places“, so I can’t tell you where I went. Suffice it to say it was a fun filled adventure. I was shopping in the great little Indian general store looking for art supplies and stationary when this box literally fell off the shelf into my hands. Had to get it! There was only one, so I am not sure how it got to the stationary section, or why it fell off the shelf, but the packaging is FABULOUS! Designed to appeal to 2 audiences at once… see picture, side A and side B. I am going to use that on something!

Nell and Mary tea towels
handmade home goods

And here we are again with more pattern and prints. We just LOVE prints! Especially in the kitchen - it makes cooking more fun. These funky printed tea towels from Nell and Mary are handmade and hand-printed using water-based inks and salvaged cotton/linen blend fabric. They are soft, absorbent, bright and cheerful, making them fun and functional. What more could you ask for in a kitchen accessory?

Jayson Home Platinum Etched Champagne Flutes
raise your glass

All moms deserved to be toasted to this weekend and what better way to do it than with these gorgeous platinum etched champagne flutes? Not only could you use them to toast mom, but they could double as your gift to her as well. Select one pattern or create a set with one of each. Happy Mother’s Day!

Season Carpet
magic carpet ride

Magic, indeed! This carpet, aptly named Season Carpet, is from Norwegian designer, Siren Elise Wilhelmsen. The round wool rug, made from heat sensitive pigments, magically changes colors in response to mercury shifts, or in other words - with the weather outside. Each rug has 3 colors, each of which changes  at a different temperature. The end result is 3 separate carpet looks. Kind of like a mood ring for your floor!

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